At ACTION PIN, we are committed to protecting the environment and complying with regulations, applying the following principles: 

  • move towards a voluntary and progressive reduction in environmental impacts and resources used,
  • prevent any risk of pollution,
  • provide company staff with a safe and healthy working environment
  • put products on the market which do not compromise the health, hygiene, safety and well-being of customers and users,
  • educate and involve staff and stakeholders in our policy,
  • communicate our environmental policy externally.

Furthermore, implementing a management system based on Quality, Safety and the Environment (QSE) enables us to incorporate quality methodologies, occupational health and safety rules and environmental principles in a unified management strategy. This commitment is an integral part of a pledge to continuous improvement made when the company was founded in 1995.

This exemplary strategy enables ACTION PIN to exhibit the highest standards of quality, environment and safety with three certifications: 

  • ISO 9001: quality management,
  • ISO 14001: environmental management,
  • ISO 45001: occupational health, security and safety management

ACTION PIN thus boasts "Quality, Safety, Environment" triple certification for all its sites and for its design development, production and sales activities for all its products.

The logo opposite provides a means for us to communicate this recognition conferred by AFNOR.

> Download the QSE certificate