European Ecolabel

Created in 1992, the European Ecolabel is the only official ecolabel which can be used in all member states of the European Union. In France, it is awarded by AFNOR Certification, an independent certification body.

The EU Ecolabel is based on the principle of an overall approach which takes into consideration the life cycle of the product from extraction of raw materials, manufacture, distribution and use to its recycling or disposal after use. Quality and usage are also taken into account.

It was established by Council Regulation no. 880/92 of 23 March 1992, published in the OJEC of 11 April 1992. The EU regulation currently in force is Framework Regulation no. 66/2010 of 25 November 2009. It is applicable from 20 February 2010 and was amended by Regulation (EU) no. 782/2013.

European Ecolabel certified products can be identified by the small flower logo opposite.

Cleaning products which may be European Ecolabel certified are as follows: 

  • Hand dishwashing detergents (washing-up liquids),
  • Detergents for dishwashers,
  • All-purpose cleaners and cleaners for sanitary facilities,
  • Laundry detergents

ACTION PIN has developed a range of European Ecolabel certified detergents, under the ENZYPIN brand.