Crop Protection

All our products are from natural origin. We use raw materials that come from a properly managed and renewed forest free from deforestation problems.

We have developed a pine terpene technology which provides beneficial actions before, during and after spraying:

  • Better quality of the spray mix (anti foam and compatibilizer effect)
  • Better spraying quality (anti-drift)
  • Better retention (anti rebound)
  • Better spreading (enhance the cover area of the target)
  • Better penetration (hydrophilic, cuticular, translaminar)
  • Rainfastness
  • Maintain properties of the spray mix (slow droplet drying)


ACTION PIN offers a range of liquid formulation :

  • Plant-based adjuvants, which can be used in both organic farming and conventional production.
  • Fungicides based with pine terpenes and sulphur or copper, which can also be used in organic farming, aimed mainly at specialised crops. They bring the full benefits of pine terpene technology to the spray. 
  • Anti-stress products to protect against abiotic stress: to limit evapotranspiration, pods shattering and fruits bursting, and to protect against sunburns.
  • A 97.7% bio sourced & multipurpose sprayer cleaner & degreaser, to remove residues.