Who are we?

ACTION PIN is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DRT group.

DRT, founded in 1932 by foresters, is based in the Landes département, in the south-west of France. DRT is one of the world leaders in plant extracts and pine derivatives. DRT is a major advocate of green chemistry.
In 2019, DRT:

    • had 1500 employees worldwide,
    • recorded a turnover of €500 million,
    • generated 80% of turnover on international markets.

The portfolio of products developed by DRT includes more than 250 substances used in the manufacture of perfumes, adhesives, rubber, nutraceuticals, inks, cosmetics, detergents, plant protection products and many other items.

Founded in 1995, ACTION PIN has specialised for more than 20 years in the design, production and distribution of specialist products made with raw materials produced from pines.

To find out more about the history, areas of expertise and values of ACTION PIN, watch our corporate video below: