Our areas of expertise

ACTION PIN designs, manufactures and markets preparations made from derivatives of turpentine, resin and fatty acids, natural raw materials extracted from pines.

Depending on their end purpose, these preparations are mainly used to:

  • exploit the properties of terpenes (for example retention, wettability, anti-shifting and attachment) in the field of crop protection, by combining them with third party molecules or formulation ingredients. These properties are found in our adjuvants and fungicides, used in organic and conventional farming.
  • degrease, deodorise or clean in human environments (such as associations, retirement homes, cafés, hotels and restaurants) and animal environments (such as farms and for individuals who own animals).

The adjuvants and fungicides are marketed under the HELIOTERPEN brand.

The cleaning products for human environments are marketed under the le VRAI PROFESSIONNEL and ENZYPIN brands.

The hygiene products for animal habitats are marketed under the SANITERPEN brand.